Managing Apartment Communities Throughout Northern California.

Competitive Rates

Full-service property management is provided at a competitive rate without other hidden fees. This firm does not mark-up or profit on maintenance, major replacements or charge any leasing commissions.

Quality Resident Management and Leasing

In order to attract and retain high-quality tenants, foster good tenant relations, and respond promptly to on-site issues, our resident managers are provided with the tools and information necessary for leveraging up-to-date management techniques and have full access to our approved vendor network. All resident managers are direct employees of R.G. Hill & Company, which manages all employee income, taxes, workers’ compensation, benefits, and other human resource issues. Typically, flat monthly fees are charged back to properties to offset these expenses with no profit margin to management.

Cost-effective Maintenance and Repair

Through volume and experience, R.G. Hill & Company can control costs while carefully planning for long-term appreciation. Our managers engage pre-approved hourly maintenance staff, qualified vendors and independent licensed maintenance contractors to schedule only necessary repairs and expenses. Maintenance is not and should not be a profit item to management. All expenses are applied directly with no markup. Each vendor or contractor is pre-screened to meet required insurance and licensing standards. All major projects are openly bid, and we welcome recommendations by investors of preferred contractors.

Routine Market Analysis

Routine market analysis facilitates optimal occupancy and rental rates relative to market conditions. Our constant evaluation ensures an improved, long-term bottom line.

Tenant-landlord Law

Through association with IREM and CAA, R.G. Hill & Company consistently updates rental agreements, disclosures, procedures, and all other tenant correspondence to meet constantly changing tenant-landlord law.

Association Management

When necessary, R.G. Hill & Company can provide comprehensive association management that adheres to the CC&R’s and bylaws of any common interest association.

Brokerage Services

This firm does not list properties for sale and welcomes cooperation with quality brokers. This minimizes any potential for conflict and allows R.G. Hill & Company to focus on what it does best, Property Management.


Monthly reporting is available to investors on-line and year-end IRS 1099 reporting is done free of charge.